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FAQs About Interior & Architecture Design in Concord, CA

What do architects do? What do interior designers do?

As a firm handling interior architecture design in Concord, CA, we often get asked what the difference is between architects and interior designs. The two professions have a lot of crossovers—they both may consider things like floor plans, lighting plans, flooring and fixture selection, and other interior details. Likewise, both may utilize tools like CAD designs to help their clients envision their work before its done. The key difference is that architects focus on the overall structure and layout of the space, including its exterior. Interior designers are more concerned with the styling of the space.

Why do I need an architect?

Working with an architecture firm like arete, inc. gives you greater control over your project’s “big picture.” They will help you discover what appeals most to you aesthetically and what your space requires functionally. Both commercial and residential architect firms will also provide design leadership and coordinate teams of engineering and construction professionals on your behalf. Plus, they take care of necessary details like building codes and zoning requirements.

Is hiring an architect worth the cost?

While architectural plan costs will increase the total sticker price of your project, hiring an architect may actually save you money. They can negotiate to get high-quality materials and labor at good prices, design efficient layouts to prevent overbuilding, and think ahead to avoid costly changes when construction is already underway.