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Pursuit of Excellence

A Creative Architecture Firm in Concord, CA

Effortlessly blending style and functionality, aretê offers a wide range of home and office design services throughout Northern California for residential and commercial clients. The philosophy of our architecture firm in Concord, CA, involves a collaborative approach that allows you to turn your vision into reality.

Scope of Work

Design commissions of aretê encompass a vast geographic region that stretches from Hawaii to Chicago. It includes a variety of architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary. The result is experienced with many design review boards, planning commissions, and city agencies, an experience that ultimately benefits future clients and projects.


For our work, the firm has received the prestigious Gold Nugget Merit Awards in the category of "Five Best Custom Homes." The competition includes 14 southern and western states, Hawaii, and countries along the Pacific Rim.

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Commercial Design: Form Meets Function

The challenge of commercial design is creating a space that not only makes a favorable impression but also meets the practical needs of the people who work there and their clients. When you need to combine form with function, choose aretê.

Our architecture firm in Concord, CA, serves commercial clients throughout the region from all industries. We’re ready for any design challenge thanks to our extensive experience working on everything from restaurants and retail stores to high-end corporate offices. No matter what type of commercial property you need to build, trust our architects to help develop your blueprints and building plans.

The goal of our commercial property and office design services is to make the process as efficient as possible while bringing your plan to life. We'll work closely with you to balance your aesthetic concerns with your functional demands, creating a place where your team and operation can thrive.

Your workspace ultimately influences your company's productivity, culture, and identity. That’s why it’s crucial that you partner with an architectural firm that understands how to do the job correctly—a firm like aretê. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our office today.

Designing Your Dream Home

In addition to our commercial planning services, our team also handles the design and planning of residential spaces. Whether you are looking to build your one-of-a-kind dream home or you need a design for your large-scale housing development, our architects have the skills to help.

With our residential architect design services, we will work closely with you to determine the look and style you want for your new home and will develop plans to make your dream a reality. Reach out to our office to discuss the goals you have for your new space and let our award-winning team start working on your design.

About Us

Determined to practice architecture with a unique and responsive approach to architectural design, Kirk A. Shelby and Gary L. Wheeler founded the firm in 1985. Their goal is to produce architecturally superior projects responsive to the specific varied needs of the client. The founders' commitment to quality design is evident in their portfolio of custom residences, speculation homes, 1,200 production homes, restaurants, and many retail, office, and commercial projects.


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